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Sunday February 9, 1975


One of the rare sculpture exhibitions of the season is opening on Thursday Feb.13 at Studio 27. It is not, however, totally local. The sculptor Dikran (Khoubesserian) who was born in Turkey lived o good part of his life in Beirut. In 1950 he moved to Paris --where many of our artists seem to prefer living –but as a young architect who had to do training period overseas.
Dikran worked on sculptures on and off – primarily as a hobby – but architecture took first place. In 1963 after a break of close to 8 years he took up sculpture again and decided to exhibit his work.
His work is smooth and soft – though it is in heavy bronze. It is graceful and even silky, and seems to be a close study of the female form in every position possible under the sun, and moon.

Dikran works in bronze, but casts the colors he chooses to it and the sculptures can range from dull black bronze to a gleaming pink finish. Whether it is homage to the female form or a chauvinistic approach to it remains to be seen, and the female viewer should judge for herself.

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MAY 16, 1978


The Armenian community-turned up in full force at the Armenian Club on Saturday for the opening exhibition of “DIKRAN” organised by Hai Guin Club which a couple of years ago organised a fashion show of Armenian clothes throughout history.

Dikran Khoubesserian, who is architect, was present at the reception, modestly receiving much admiration for his work.

Dikran’s bronze statues of women are truly worth seeing. They’re being sold from 60,000 rials up to 750,000 rials.

Born in Turkey and living in France, Dikran explained that he always worked in plaster and then had his work set in bronze.

Dikran’s women are truly beautiful. They’re silky smooth and soothing to the eye. They come in different positions but all very beautifully carved.

Curves is what you see plenty of, and curves is what Dikran seems to have a special interest and talent in.

“Every artist has a favourite topic” said the artist “mine is evidently women”.


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Week of February 10-16 1975


Born in Turkey in 1913, DIKRAN KHOUBESSERIAN lived and worked in Beirut (he is originally a Paris-trained architect) from 1933 to 1953. Since then, he has been living in Paris where he seems to be appreciated by public and critics alike.

DIKRAN is not simply an architect-turned-sculptor: his delightful small-scale bronze nudes are the works of a born artist with a creative, original talent. His stylized figurines of languidly out-stretched or chastely folded women are small symphonies of harmonious, musical curves, displaying a striking synthetic vision and rare sense of the balanced volumes, proportions, rhythms and plastic values of the female body. They are sensuous, blooming flowers expanding outwardly from within a naturalness that imparts to their pure forms an autonomous life and a spirituality all of their own. The very nakedness of theses bodies seems to clothe them in a timeless veil of mystery. These concentrated; poetic figures owe much of their subtlety, no doubt, to DIKRAN’s Oriental background.
His exhibition at Studio 27 starts, February 13, 1975.

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