dikran khoubesserian


Sculptor and Architect
25 April 1913 - 21 April 1991

Dikran was born into an Armenian family in Mersina, Turkey. At the age of ten, he was sent to Paris, where he studied from 1923 to 1930 at Sainte-Barbe high school. He continued his studies at the School of Civil Engineering (École Spéciale des Travaux Publics), graduating in 1933 with a degree in Engineering and Architecture.

After graduating, Dikran returned to Beirut, where his family had settled. He began working as an architect and, in 1938, he built Saint-Nichan Church in Beirut, among other projects.

One day in 1945, his artist friend Galentz engaged Dikran’s interest in sculpture. Although he was tempted at the time, just like Galentz, to become involved in what was happening in Soviet Armenia, he decided to remain in Beirut. In 1948, Dikran regained the desire to create models and sculptures and produced about half a dozen statuettes.

In 1950, he began studying sculpture at the Grande Chaumière Academy in Paris, and around 1952, he relocated permanently to France.

Having become a member of the French Council of Architects (Ordre des Architectes), Dikran worked both alone and in collaboration with fellow artists, moving to the capital in 1953. He received few commissions for his sculptures, yet in order to express his love of form and volume, he made the first pieces out of plaster for his own pleasure.

Right from his first exhibition at the Salon des Indépendants, he managed to sell several pieces. But, as an architect, he would not be satisfied with working with such a fragile material and so began to concentrate on working in bronze.

In 1961, Dikran became a full-time sculptor. He presented his work at exhibitions and various galleries up until the end of the 1980s.

In 1981, he left Paris and moved to Grisy-les-Plâtres in Val d’Oise where he remained until the end of his life.

Individual Exhibitions

1963 Galerie Ror Volmard (Paris)
1967 Galerie Régis Langloÿs (Paris)
1967 Galerie Viollette (Bruxelles)
1968 Galerie Bernheim Jeune (Paris)
1968 Galerie Anne Apesteguy (Deauville)
1970 Corner Gallery (Londres)
1971 Galerie Cardo Matignon (Paris)
1975 Studio 27 (Beyrouth)
1975 Galeria d’Arte (Rome)
1977 Centre Culturel Arménien UGAB (Paris)
1978 Centre Culturel Arménien (Téhéran)
1979 Galerie Guillet (Paris)
1986 Espace Beaugrenelle (Paris)

andre malraux
André Malraux
in front of Dikran's work

Collaborative Exhibitions

From 1963 Salon d’Automne (Grand Palais)
From 1965 Salon des Indépendants (Grand Palais)
1965 & 1967 Salon des Artistes Français (Paris)
1968 Biennale des Beaux-Arts (Musée d’Art Moderne)
1969 Artistes de l’Association Thoros Roslin (Paris)
From 1973 Peintres témoins de leur Temps (Musée du Luxembourg)
From 1974 Formes Humaines (Musée Rodin)
1977 Contradiction (American Center Paris)
1978 Evasion (Rodez)
1980 4th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (Fontenay-sous-bois)


1975 Bigel Award, Human Form category
1977 Grande Médaille d’Argent de la Ville de Paris


1938 Saint-Nichan Church, Beirut
1942 Central Post Office, Beirut
1954 Invention of a hydraulic machine for raising floors
1963 Participation in the Madrid Opera House competition
1961-1975 Work on many private houses in the Paris area

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